Rasta Hats

Beginning with the Rastafarian culture in 1930s, Rasta hats (or tams) are tall, round, crocheted caps often worn with dreadlocks. With the popularization of Raggae music in the 1960s, Rasta sky-rocketed into popularity. One of it’s most recognizable figures was Bob Marley.  Most notably recognized by the red, green, and yellow stripes, the Rastafarian stripes represent love, unity, harmony and strength. Rasta hats are more than just a fashion accessory; they protect the hair from air pollutants and other undesirables.

Here at Euro Accessories we stock many different styles: Rasta Beanie Hats, Rasta Long Beanie Hats, Rasta Peak Hats, Rasta Beret Hats, and many more. Our Rasta and Reggae hats collection brings you the new trend and designed pattern at the lowest possible wholesale prices. Browse from our colorful hat, cap, slouchy beanie or dreadlock hat and spread peace, love and unity through style and self-expression.

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