Wayfarer Sunglasses

Probably one of the most iconic style of sunglasses around, Wayfarer has been around since the 1950’s. Initially designed by Raymond Stegeman of Ray-Ban in 1956, these sunglasses have gone in a out or style since their inception. Regaining popularity in the 1980’s due to being placed in movies, they can be seen in many classic films such as the Blues Brothers and Risky Business.

Wayfarers in general are flattering on most facial shapes and today, can be seen being worn by both men and women. They scream edgy and cool as well as classic. Having been worn by many celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson and Anna Wintour, it’s hard to imagine that these vintage sunglasses were almost discontinued!

We have a plethora of different style wayfarers. From classic black to Union Jack, We are sure you will find what suits you best.

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